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Updates on Ian Cranston Case

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The first update we have seen is that Ian Cranston’s lawyer appeared to file a motion for a bail hearing but have not yet seen that added to the schedule. This being said, the court date we see listed is December 7th at 1:30PM. This will be when a plea is entered and from what Cranston’s lawyer has said, we should all be fully expecting him to plead not guilty and take this all the way through trial. Cranston’s lawyer has also made it clear that he believes the trial can stay in Deschutes County. Any other updated we see we will for sure be passing along as this is going to be a long road ahead.

As for Allie Butler, District Attorney Hummel has made it clear that she didn’t commit a crime that they have evidence for. That does not mean that she didn’t have more of a hand in the incident but as of now, there is nothing she can be charged with. We understand it is hard to trust Bend PD at the moment as they did refuse to collect all the evidence so if anyone has any other information at all, we recommend sending it directly to the District Attorney.

There is still so much more to this story that needs to be discussed including what happened after Barry died. When we are told it is okay to share the information we have, we will be updating everyone. We are still respecting the wishes of the family and that will not change as they need to be centered.

Continue donating to the gofundme and continue doing what you can to make everyone aware of this atrocity. We will get justice! Until that point, there will be no peace.

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Barry Washington
Barry Washington
Dec 17, 2021

Why do you people always rush to defend scum? Barry assaulted Allie Butler then Ian Cranston before being shot. The DA is completely lying about it calming down and Ian randomly shooting because Barry “respectfully complimented“ her.

Take a look:


Dec 17, 2021

You guys are idiots. Literally video evidence of the accused being victimized. Acted in self defense, case closed. Prepare for another Rittenhouse verdict. Cope.


Nov 08, 2021

Barry Washington literally made a tiktok about how "if your boyfriend's white your single to me". He tried to throw hands and got murked. Learned his lesson. VIDEO of him SWINGING FIRST:

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