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"Three Percent" Militia Attempt to Incite Violence At Protest.

Let’s talk about how the militia attempted to incite violence at a peaceful BLM protest in Prineville on August 15th. This story begins back in July.

On July 23rd, the Peacekeepers had a meeting (at his request) with Jerrad Robison. Robison identifies himself as Leader of the “Zone 5 Three Percent.” This meeting was frequently heated, but otherwise peaceful. It’s important to note that Robison brought only one person with him to that meeting. That man identified himself as “Kyle”.

Two days later, on July 25th, the Peacekeepers hosted a vigil event at the Deschutes County Courthouse. Kyle showed up (carrying a concealed weapon) to that event, and brought a friend he identified as Bart. Because Kyle has extremely distinctive tattoos, and always wears the same sunglasses, our Peacekeeper research team very quickly identified him as Kyle Wayne Zollman. Through Zollman, we identified Bart Lewis.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Robison brought a team of armed militia members to “keep the peace” at the August 15th Prineville protest. The militia members carried AR-15 carbines, and were seen distributing zip tie handcuffs to their members. Robison made quite a show of shaking the hand of Luke Richter, President of the Peacekeepers (Photo courtesy of Emily Cureton at OPB). His crew made a display of trying to control the counter protester side of the street.

We believe this was all theater, meant to disguise their true motive yesterday.

While the “uniformed” militia members were performing their bit of theater, the agitators kept coming over to the BLM side of the street. One of those agitators was Bart Lewis. He can be seen clearly in photos, and he identified himself by name. Bart spent the day shouting obscenities and threatening people. Standing with Bart was a man covering his face in a skull mask...but who had extremely distinctive tattoos and sunglasses. This man in the skull mask attacked a peaceful protester by knocking the sign out of his hand, and tried very hard to get somebody to fight him. The Peacekeepers did not oblige. We just kept deescalating and separating him from the crowd. Unfortunately for Kyle, Bart, and Jerrad Robison, somebody messed up. A woman from the militia side of the street called Kyle by name, and we have it on video (linked in comments).

The militia wanted a fight. They sent a close friend of Jerrad Robison over to the BLM side of the street in “disguise” to try to incite violence, presumably so that they would have an excuse to use their rifles and zip ties.

Unfortunately for them, the BLM protesters were dedicated to the philosophy of nonviolence, and the Peacekeepers saw what was happening immediately.

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