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Something is About to Happen

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Something is about to happen. I don't know when it's going to happen, but I feel that it's just inevitable and I hope I'm wrong. For those not keeping up with what's going on, Louisville is currently shut down. Buildings boarded up and a state of emergency has preemptively been declared. This is in anticipation to the reactions of the community at large in regards to the conclusion to what will happen to the Police officers involved in the Breonna Taylor case. It is expected that all charges will be dismissed against the officers that murdered her after an internal investigation.

Here we are again. Another life that was taken, another call for justice that goes unheard.

I have a problem with this. In fact, a LOT of us have a problem with this. Apparently, the city of Louisville knows that there have been adamant cries for justice, especially in this case. Sure, the city of Louisville 'awarded' the family of Beonna Taylor a 12 Million dollar settlement. Her mother stated that the settlement is "only the beginning of getting full justice" (Receipt:

Yesterday during a streamed debate over a city council seat, one question was asked of the candidates if inclusion and equality is a problem that needs addressed in Central Oregon. One of the candidates took the position that economic vitality is "better for everyone" and if we start there, everything would start to get better. Wrong.

Tossing money at disenfranchised people who are losing their very lives, is not the answer. Money is not a bandaid when our lives depend on actual reform. This is a narrative that I'm seeing happen more and more. Toss money at the problem.

Breonna's mother continued in the same conference above to say "It's time to move forward with the criminal charges because she deserves that and much more".

If you're reading this and your fingers start to tremble as you furiously type up a response about "She wasn't in bed like everyone is saying" or "She should not have been with certain company" or "she was fired from being a nurse because of drugs".

Don't. I shouldn't have to do this but you know what. I'm fucking tired of sugar coating things and allowing diversion tactics and statements being made when the clear issue is this:

Police should be held accountable for their actions. That is a simple statement that all people should be able to get behind. But let's address those above statements. The answer is also very simple. None of those things should constitute her having a coroner's statement that says "cause of death: 5 gunshot wounds". She also laid there for 20 minutes, fatally shot, no medical attention (Receipt: When did we shift into a society that believes that "if you didn't want to get shot, you shouldn't have commited a crime" become the new "Due Process". When did "the thin blue line" become Judge Dredd?

Oh but what about the fact that her boyfriend shot first? This is a "gotcha" question. I have an answer. According to police reports, they said they knocked and announced themselves for a total of 45 seconds to 1 minute after midnight. When they busted through the door, according to the officers involved, Breonna's boyfriend fired a warning shot towards the bottom of the door, striking an officer in the leg which caused the officers to return fire enmass, killing Breonna in the process (Receipt: This is not ok. So much so that there is now "Breonna's law" ending No Knock warrants? (Receipt:

You are going to see more vitriol. You're going to see more smear campaigns. If the ruling clears these officers of any wrongdoing and you cheer them on... I question your compassion. Yes. I question YOUR compassion. This sends a message that the only people that are to be held accountable are citizens, not the police. I understand some of my friends are married to cops. I understand some of you are very protective of "The boys in blue".

I'm going to put this here right now... if anything were to ever happen to me, whether gunned down by police, etc... Please do me a favor and come back to my wall after I'm gone and give me a whataboutism. Be sure to put it in all caps. Say I should have complied even though I was in my own home and was trying to defend myself or my family. Be sure to excuse the police every single time. Be sure to say all that and still change your image to add "black lives matter" for a day or two. Oh, don't forget to join in with everyone and give me my new slave name: "#JusticeFor". It's the least you could possibly do. Because any more effort would entail actually acknowledging the need for reform. The need for massive overhauling of police practices. For the naysayers rolling their eyes at this post, especially my calls for accountability and reform... yes I know that being a police officer is a dangerous job. So is construction on high rises and yet, OSHA, an outside organization exists. Safety & training should not be a cause for contention. And yet, bringing up screening, remedial and longer training for people that wear a handgun and have access to firearms as part of their jobs is met with anger and contempt. You know something... if the job is too dangerous, they can take off that uniform and change professions. I would like to live. And it's getting more and more dangerous with the increase of hate from people that counter the calls for equality. But I can't take my skin off. This is why we have been calling for change. And ya know what?

It's ok to change things and make it safer for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. I am your equal. We are your equals. And this is becoming far too frequent. And We are tired of it. Breonna's life mattered. Elijah Mcclain's life mattered. Trayvon's life mattered. My life matters.

So yeah, something is about to happen. You're going to see protests. And if you don't understand why after reading this... I don't know how to find more ways and additional examples to explain to you that...

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