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Racism and Campaign Corruption in Deschutes County

The saga of Greg Walker continues, and every day it gets a little worse. Our readers who follow closely know that the Peacekeepers busted Greg back in June for his history of racism, jokes about sexual assault, celebration of police brutality, and other abhorrent statements made on social media. If you have been following along today, you’ll know that he has recently started harassing local leaders in the racial justice movement by demanding personal information about them, including the racist dog whistle of asking them if they have criminal records.

Well, just now, the Peacekeepers were sent a copy of an email Greg Walker wrote on May 15. In that email, Walker asserts that from then on he will be working “full-time on behalf of Sheriff Nelson for his successful re-election.”

This email makes two things clear:

1) Greg Walker was working full time for Sheriff Nelson when he was awarded a no-bid contract (in June) by the County to teach “Verbal Judo” to DCSO employees. A member of Nelson’s campaign staff was given a contract he did not have to compete for, paid with your tax dollars.

2) His harassment of BIPOC activists has also happened while he is working “full-time on behalf of Sheriff Nelson for his successful re-election.”

We are calling on Sheriff Nelson to fire Greg Walker and issue an unequivocal condemnation.

Stay tuned for action items and ways to get involved. We have to fight back against this kind of blatant abuse!

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