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Prineville Police Caught Collaborating with Counter Protesters. (7/5/2020)

All afternoon (July 5th, 2020), counter protesters drove by shouting racial and homophobic slurs. More than one shouted threatening and/or demeaning language about the young Black woman whose family has had to go into hiding as a result of the incompetence of Chief Cummins.

One of the trucks shouting hate and violence blatantly had the license plates removed. This is a common tactic being used by Proud Boys and other hate groups.

Sergeant Robert Gray of the PPD watched all of this. He saw the illegal truck circling the block over and over to shout at peaceful protesters. He even went over to talk to them at one point. In the comments, you'll see a photo of Sergeant Gray staring directly at the spot on the truck where a license plate should be.

And in the video, you can hear him lie to one of our Peacekeepers about it.

After this video (in which Gray promises to investigate further) he goes into the police station and does not come back out. Over an hour later, the truck with the plates removed was still there. It's occupants still shouting hate.

Because in Prineville, racists get to break the law.

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