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Peacekeepers Conversation with Captain Nick Parker, BPD.

The Peacekeepers were extremely concerned to find out that the perpetrators of the Saturday 7.11.2020 assault on a protester in downtown Bend had been cited and released rather than arrested and booked in the Deschutes County Jail. We had a team reach out to the Bend Police Department, and Captain Nick Parker agreed to meet with us.

We had some tough questions, and we still have concerns about some of the answers. That said, we appreciate Captain Parker taking the time to meet with us and answer questions.

*Correction: At approximately the 2:40 mark, the Peacekeeper in the video references a BPD officer wearing a “thin blue line” symbol on their uniform. This was a mistake, and it was a Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputy who the victim described wearing the symbol.

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