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Our Peace Is Stronger Than Your Hate

Peace is hard work.

Peace is dangerous. Peace takes courage. The pursuit of Peace is often met with violent, irrational, hateful resistance. Now more than ever, the Central Oregon Peacekeepers want to proudly reaffirm our commitment to Peaceful, non-violent protest.

Armed, right wing terrorists are showing up to protests to incite violence. It happened in Kenosha. It happens constantly in Portland. Our readers know how often it happens in Prineville. The instigators of violence don’t even attempt to conceal their motive. They’ve been quite clear that what they want is a civil war. And let’s be perfectly clear about this...the civil war they want is a race war.

Let’s not give them one.

Instead, let’s give them fierce and resolute Peace.

The rhetoric around this country is moving more and more in the direction of violence. We think that the movement in Central Oregon has been and can continue to be a beacon for how to fight back against hate with Peace. Fascists of all types have come to our protest events and tried their best to turn us violent. The Three Percent, Proud Boys, federal agents, and just your run-of-the-mill country racists have all tried their best to make our local movement fit their narrative by turning it violent. The courageous and unshakable people of this community have met them with courage, and Peace.

Peaceful does not mean “passive.”

Peaceful does not mean “compliant.”

Peaceful does not have to be silent, it does not have to be polite, it does not have to be meak. We, the Peaceful, are exponentially more courageous than the cowards who want to break our Peace.

Join with us, friends, in standing strong for Peace. Join us in promising to continue showing up for decency and justice. Join with us in promising not to back down to these violent fascists. Join with us in committing ourselves to meaningful, systemic change.

And join us in our commitment to doing it through Peace!

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