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Greg Walker Is No "Ally" (6/27/2020)

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The Peacekeepers are dedicated to the safety of the Central Oregon activist community. Sometimes that means organizing safety volunteers. Sometimes it means researching purported "allies" to make sure that's what they really are.

We feel the community needs to know about Greg Walker. Mr. Walker is a retired Special Forces Soldier who is currently working to help "reform" Central Oregon law enforcement. However, we've found more than a little cause for concern in Mr. Walker's social media presence.


Starting off, here is Mr. Walker bragging about his ability to blend in with populations he is attempting to infiltrate. That was literally his job in the Special Forces.


Here is Mr. Walker saying needlessly cruel things about the homeless.


The first of several overtly racist posts mocking the Latinx community.


More racist mimicry of Latinx voices.


Still more racism.


The racism keeps coming.


Here, Mr. Walker calls a global activist who is also an autistic young woman a "gloom goblin".


Praising Trump for designating "Antifa" a terrorist organization


This picture is particularly foul. Mr. Walker's friend and fellow Special Forces Soldier makes a disgusting racist joke about a black man. Mr. Walker let's it stand and does not reply in any way.


Here we have Mr. Walker casually discussing Trumps use of gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters in front of the White House.


Here Mr. Walker is praising the use of Special Forces personnel against protesters in Washington DC.


This would be Mr. Greg Walker defending the police assaulting that old man in Buffalo.


Greg switches it up here, to just very glibly laugh about a woman being sexually assaulted on the street while she's trying to do her job.


Finally, this is Greg Walker lamenting the fact that police are likely to start quitting their jobs if people protest brutality too much.

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