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Charges Filed Against Driver Who Attacked Black Passenger.

BREAKING: The bus driver who attacked a Black passenger for not wearing shoes has been charged.

The Peacekeepers broke the story of a young Black Bend resident who was arrested and charged with a felony after a Cascade East Transit driver put him in a choke hold and forced him off of a bus for not wearing shoes. It has since come out that there is not a policy about wearing shoes on CET buses.

Today, District Attorney John Hummel charged Michael Lee Brinster with fourth degree assault and strangulation.

It's a refreshing and positive sign that the driver is being charged for his attack, but there's still a great deal of work to do. The Bend Police Department needs to answer for why Sergeant Cindy Ksenzulak and Officer Leah Boileau chose to arrest the victim in this scenario rather than the perpetrator.

The Peacekeepers are not done with this story, and we are not done fighting for the rights of Central Oregonians. If something like this happens to you, call us! We will tell your story and fight for you.

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