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Central Oregon Militia Leader Defends Kenosha Terrorist.

We’ve warned our readers in the past about local “Three Percent” militia leader Jerrad Robison. You may recall that on August 15th, a man in a skull face mask attempted to attack peaceful protesters in Prineville. The Peacekeepers discovered that the attacker was Kyle Wayne Zollman, who is a good friend and right hand man that Robison brings with him to meetings in his capacity as the militia leader. Robison later tried to disavow Zollman by claiming he is not a militia “member”, but this assertion defies credulity and is absurd on it’s face. Robison brought Zollman to a meeting (at Robison’s request), with the Peacekeepers. At that time, Zollman was presented as Robsion’s literal right hand man.

Kyle Wayne Zollman (an “ex” Proud Boy with the tattoos to prove it) went into a crowd of peaceful protesters while the rest of Robison’s team stood by armed with AR-15’s and zip tie handcuffs. This had every appearance of a coordinated effort designed to instigate violence. They failed, because of you! They failed because the Central Oregon social justice movement is dedicated to peace and nonviolence.

But why are we bringing this all up again?

There is now even more cause for concern from Jerrad Robison and his followers. In the wake of the Kenosha Wisconsin murders, Robison has decided to publicly praise the terrorist who fired into a crowd (screenshots from Robison and his associates attached). The terrorist (we won’t write his name) traveled across state lines with a rifle he was not legally permitted to own. He attended a Black Lives Matter protest in a town and state he doesn’t live in, armed with an AR-15 carbine and extra magazines. He claimed to be “protecting property.” Then he murdered two people, and maimed a third.

Jerrad Robison and his militia would have you believe that is “self defense”, and they are publicly calling the terrorist a hero.

The “Oregon Zone 5 Three Percent” have attended numerous Central Oregon protest events. Like the Kenosha terrorist, they always show up armed and in costume. Like the Kenosha terrorist, they always claim to be “protecting property”. They show up in the same uniform as the militia in Wisconsin, and claiming the same purpose.

Protests in Central Oregon have been universally peaceful. Not a single window has been broken. Not a single business has been damaged. In fact, the opposite has been true. The Peacekeepers organize frequent events to encourage people to support local business during the pandemic. The Central Oregon Diversity Project organizes school supply collection drives. Central Oregon protests are so peaceful that when an ICE bus was vandalized with a Sharpie marker, other protesters went and got soap and water to clean it off.

Every single act of violence or aggression at protest events in our community has been initiated by right wing counter protesters...often by known associates of Jerrad Robison and the “Zone 5 Three Percent.”

The Central Oregon Peacekeepers urge our readers to show extreme caution around these and other right wing counter protesters. They have two goals, and the social justice community cannot let them achieve either.

1) They want to scare people into silence. They think that by dressing up like videogame characters and menacing people with their rifles, that they can force protesters to stay home.

2) Failing that, they want to incite violence. They are looking for excuses to use the weapons they bring to peaceful protests. They think the Kenosha terrorist is a “hero”, and believe his act of terrorism was somehow justified. They want an excuse to emulate him.

We're writing this to urge all of our readers to keep up the good work! Keep showing up for justice and decency. Keep fighting back in all the ways you have been. Maintain the dedication to peace that has been a hallmark of the Central Oregon movement.

And also be careful out there, friends. Exercise extreme caution with counter-protesters, particularly with “Three Percent” or other militia members. The danger is just too great that any interaction with them is a pretext to justify violence.

We encourage our Central Oregon activist community to use the most powerful weapon in the modern social justice arsenal.


The moment you see someone you suspect of being a “Three Percenter” or other right wing counter protester, take out your phone and start recording. Don’t let them have a moment of unrecorded activity when they come out to harass peaceful protests. Document absolutely everything they do. Stay dedicated to peace and nonviolence, and make sure that the aggressors know that everything they say and do will be on the record.

Stay safe. Stay strong.

Black Lives Matter.

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