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BPD Officer Leah Boieau Targeting Black Citizen.

Our readers will recall that last week we called for the suspension and investigation of Bend Police Officer Leah Boileau. Officer Boileau has demonstrated a pattern of what appears to be racial bias in who she arrests, and in how she charges different suspects.

Last Thursday, a young Black man and Bend citizen was attacked by a bus driver. Not only did Officer Boileau not arrest his attacker...she arrested the victim and charged him with a felony.

The Peacekeepers have just been given information that officer Boileau is now targeting that young man (who was released from the Deschutes County Jail with no charges, and to the best of our knowledge is currently not under investigation for any crime.)

On Saturday, Officer Boileau was called to an altercation downtown. According to witnesses who saw the incident, Boileau ONCE AGAIN released a white aggressor without charges. Not only that...she also showed those at the scene pictures of the victim from last Thursday. To be clear, that young man was not present at the Saturday altercation downtown, or involved in any way. Officer Boileau, for reasons known only to her, decided to investigate him as a suspect when he was nowhere near the event. This has every appearance of being a personal grudge by a sworn officer of the law, and it must end immediately.

The Peacekeepers are once again calling for the suspension and independent investigation of Officer Boileau. We have already submitted several public records requests regarding her behavior, and you can be assured we are far from done with this story.


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