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Access Revoked!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Even after everything they have done, and every terrible decision they have made in the last month...Central Oregon Daily News decided that they should send a team of their “journalists” down to cover the rally at the courthouse on October 1st.

They knew it was inappropriate for them to be there. It was obvious they knew that, because unlike every other news team on site today, CO Daily sent an armed security officer to follow their team around.

We don’t know how to make this any more clear to the Central Oregon Daily News. Your access is revoked.

You made the decision to publish a video of a lynching. Then you lied and said you had permission from Barry Washington’s mother. You made those choices, and now we are making the choice that you don’t get access to our events. You decided to be the voice for white supremacy in Central Oregon, so you can go cover white supremacist events. BJ Soper will certainly welcome you with open arms at his various super spread events.

We’re perfectly aware of your legal right to go wherever you want with your cameras. You can go wherever you want (with or without your very chuddy “security” guy). You are perfectly safe. The Peacekeeper team ensures the safety of everyone who attends events that we host or support.

You just need to understand that all you’ll be filming is the back of our umbrellas.

With all this being said, the employees of this company have taken to their company facebook pages to voice how threatening and disgusting everyone was. This is clearly demonstrating bias against the movement locally. If they continue showing up, it will look completely biased and will only make exploring legal options easier.

We will no longer be discussing this company from our Facebook page. We do still encourage everyone to continue hitting their wallets.

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Barry Washington
Barry Washington
Dec 17, 2021

Commies die, god laughs. Good thing you freaks have such high suicide rates.

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